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Certified Pilot Cars, LLC is looking for subcontractors all across
North America for our ever expanding customer base.

If you are currently certified (through one of the many states that
offer certification that is more widely accepted), insured, with a
minimum 1 year of experience, all of the required equipment &
a professional image we would like you to join us!

Use the following two-step process to get on our Preferred Subcontractor
Database.  (
Make sure you complete both steps; including clicking on the
"Submit" button at the end of Step One or you will not be added to our database.
You will receive email confirmation once you have been added to the database.
Please Tell Us About Yourself*
* All Information Is Required To Complete Your File
Last Name:
First Name:
Business Name or DBA:
Years of Experience As A Pilot/Escort:
(A minimum of 1 year verifiable
certified experience is required.)
Home Base: (ST/PR)
Home Base: (City)
Email address (
Business Phone Number (Your main #):
(When entering a
phone number, please
use the following
Cellular Phone Number:
Home Phone Number:
Fax Phone Number:
List All Certifications That You Hold:
(To choose more than one, hold
down the "Ctrl" button while
making your selections)
You will need to provide us copies
each of your certifications.
Do You Possess A TWIC:
(Transportation Worker Identification Credential)
Do You Operate A Height Pole:
Years of Experience With A Height Pole:
(A minimum of 1 year verifiable
experience is required.)
Are you interested in “project runs”?  Occasionally we have “project runs”
that may last for several days or weeks at a time.  Please indicate if you
would like to be contacted about similar runs in your area.
Below, please give us any other information about yourself, your experience,
or your company
(additional training, etc.) that may be of interest to us.
**Make sure to CLICK "Submit" >>>>
Disclaimer: Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that we will have work in your immediate area.
If, however, we do get calls for service in your area, you will be the first to be called.
Step One:
Download our Independent Contractor Agreement** & am IRS Form W-9**;
complete these forms & submit them along with copies of your driver's license,
current certification(s) - (must show a minimum of a year of experience or must
show proof of prior certification), TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification
Credential), current insurance coverage limits as well as a current photograph
of your vehicle(s). Photos
must show your vehicle(s) with all signs, flags &
lights on as if you were beginning a run.  Remember to "dress to impress!"

We prefer that you submit these electronically to:
psdsubmissions [at] certifiedpilotcars [dot] com

If you are unable to scan & send your documents via email, you may also
submit them via fax: 1-954-756-7372.  Please make sure your cover page is
to the attention of: "PSD submissions" & reference your company's name.

here** to get a copy of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging
Association (SC&RA) Pilot Car Escort Best Practices Guidelines.
(You must read & agree to abide by these guidelines.)

**To download the forms, you need the latest Adobe
Acrobat; click the link below to get a free download.
Step Two:
If you have any questions or problems with the submission process,
please email:
psdsubmissions [at] certifiedpilotcars [dot] com