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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  When can we haul oversize loads in and out of the Florida Keys?
A:  The days and times for oversize load movements are set by the Florida
Department of Transportation permit office. Usually, high & long loads can travel
during the day, however, wide loads will be required to move at night.  The
permit office will issue additional requirements along with the permit which will
state the specific times.

Where should we meet the escort prior to entering the Florida Keys?
A:  Oversize load movements south of Florida City are limited; there are a few
locations in Florida City for oversize loads to park and wait for escorts. We can
make suggestions for you and your load.  Some hotels have truck parking but may
require that you stay at the hotel.

We have a load coming from out of state and are only required to have an
escort in the Florida Keys and no where else in the state, why is that?
A:  The escort requirements in the Florida Keys are different due to the high
volume of tourist traffic during the day and the safety risks of running at night.

My permit says I need a law enforcement escort in addition to the civilian
escort; can you provide us with a law enforcement escort as well?
A:  Yes. We work directly with local and state law enforcement as needed.

My permit says “one civilian escort”; can I use a law enforcement escort
instead of a civilian escort?
A:  Yes; however, there are a couple of things to consider when using a law
enforcement escort as opposed to a civilian escort:
1.  Civilian escorts are
required to maintain two-way radio communication with
the drivers
at all times; law enforcement escorts are not.  Night time moves are
inherently dangerous and you need to be in constant communication with your
escort in order to be aware of all potential hazards ensuring the safe movement of
your oversize load, especially on the "18-mile stretch" the portion of US-1 from
the mainland to Key Largo & vice versa.
2.  When a law enforcement escort approaches a vehicle, most drivers move off
the roadway only far enough for the law enforcement vehicle to pass, not noticing
the approaching oversize load.  This does not leave much room for the oversize
load creating a situation which most often places the oversize load into the on-
coming traffic lane in order to pass the stopped vehicle sticking out into the
roadway.  With a civilian escort, there is plenty of warning of the approaching
oversize load – with a law enforcement escort, most drivers assume it’s just on
the way to a police call;
not escorting an oversize load.

Isn't a law enforcement escort just as good as a civilian escort?
A:  In our professional opinion; no.  Without two-way communication with your
escort (civilian or law enforcement) you are on your own and at a much greater
risk.  Keep this in mind;
Florida Administrativce Code 14-26.007 Liability of
Permittee: Permits are granted with the specific understanding that the permittee
shall be responsible and liable for accident, damage or injury to any person or
property resulting from the operation of the equipment, including escorts, upon
public streets and highways of the state.

Q:  I've never been to the Florida Keys, how familiar are you with the Keys?
A:  We have been escorting oversize loads in and out of the Florida Keys since
1998; we take pride in our knowlege of the Florida Keys and US-1.
Certified Pilot Cars, LLC specializes in offering pilot cars to
escort your oversize load movements in & out of the Florida Keys.
Below are some frequently asked questions about
oversize load movement specific to the Florida Keys.
Click here for a detailed map of the Florida Keys.
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